Two8Nine media is a professional photojournalism & breaking news gathering service based out of the Santa Clarita Valley. Two8Nine media prides itself on being first in to newsworthy incidents within the Santa Clarita Valley. Police, Fire or Rescues that are newsworthy are responded to in a safe, professional manner keeping public safety in mind before all others. Two8Nine photojournalist are trained to document breaking news while remaining out of the way of public safety responders. If you see a photo you would like to use, please contact us on twitter, Instagram or by emailing info@two8nine.com


For official comments regarding the incidents we cover please reach out to handling agency.



Two8nine media is not affiliated with any public safety agency, our content is raw breaking news. For any official information please reach out to the handling agency. You can find handling agency information within the breaking news post. All images, videos & photos are copyrighted by two8nine media. To use our content please contact us.     


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